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Quick Plugin and Site Updates

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After not posting on CodeHooks for about a year I decided not to let the domain and the social graph protocol plugin die, instead I intend to resurrect both of them and as of today I pushed an update for the social graph protocol plugin and wanted to say that I do intend on updating all of the code, it will be getting one massive overhaul in the coming months but for the immediate future the update I pushed was simply to avoid having the plugin deleted from the WordPress repository so no changes were actually made (Yet).

On another note I’m spending today and probably the next few weeks re-designing the CodeHooks website from the ground up I originally intended the site to be a place where I can help other WordPress users with there troubles, share my code with the world and to get my name out into the world. That is still the true intention of CodeHooks, however this time around there will be a twist, I’m attempting to turn my programming and web development skills into a full time career, be my own boss type of stuff.

With that said you will see advertisements on the site in the future, sometime after the re-design it won’t be anytime soon and when I do it I promise any ad you ever see on this site will be extremely high quality I won’t allow people to advertise on my site if I haven’t tested there products and made damn sure it’s worth every penny. Along with ad’s I’m going to continue creating free but also paid WordPress plugins, I have a great idea for a paid one coming in the future but I won’t get too much into that as well.

As for publishing content on the site my intention is to create at least one post per week starting sometime in the new year. That is all for now, just a quick little update as to where things are headed with CodeHooks. I’m making some BIG changes and going to be giving my readers/fans some good products and services in the coming year so keep an eye out in the future.

New Twitter Account

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Hey everyone sorry for the extremely lack of posts recently I’ve been quite busy with other projects but I’ll do my best to try and create some more content and redesign CodeHooks I really do love helping out the WordPress community with any problems they might be having and I do love making free plugins and themes for the world to use but unfortunately sometimes I have to focus on making money over doing stuff for free in order to survive.

But I had another idea since I can’t really dedicate a ton of time generating content that I think might be useful to the WordPress community right now so what I’ve done is created a personal Twitter account for myself, this is an account in which is listed under my personal name in an attempt to not only break away from the anonymity but also a way for me to more easily connect with everyone.

You can follow me @AdamLosier and if you have any problems or questions with WordPress or just want to brain storm a new project that your not sure about by all means shoot me a message on Twitter, since I now have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone it makes it super easy for me to contribute to the community via Twitter. Basically I’m going to try and re-direct the focus to help people on a more personal level than on a broad level.

By that I mean if your suffering with a WordPress or Web Development problem in general you can ask me for some help via Twitter and I can use my experience to help you out, consult and solve some of the issues you might be facing, now and/or into the future (For Free of course), I think it’ll save me a ton of time by asking the community to come to me directly instead of me trying to come to the community.

I know it seems kind of selfish to say it like that but it’s really not, if you have a problem I can most likely solve it I’ve been developing with WordPress for as long as its been around and I’ve been developing and working on-line for more than 10 years so you get free help with your projects and I get to continue helping the WordPress community and spreading my name as a developer, I think its a win win :)

Anyway my new Twitter account is @AdamLosier in case you missed it above, feel free to follow me and ask some questions if you have them, I’ll also be posting ideas, tip, tricks, over time relating to WordPress, Web Development in general and turning a profit on-line so you might also find that information to be a little bit helpful.

Easily Make Posts Children of Pages [Plugin]

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So I was starting a new website again, like I do pretty much every month (I know it’s hell) and this time I wanted to simply make certain posts children of pages, you see I was working on a type of image website that was related to celebrities so I wanted to have a page dedicated to a certain celebrity like “Christina Hendricks” and have things like a bio, movies she’s been in something like IMDB almost with a twist, then I was going to have posts showcasing various images of the celebrity. So naturally I wanted to make those posts children of the pages so I could access those resources from the page template I was using for the celebrity.

I was not working on anything special, just a super basic project I had on the go and I realised (surprisingly) that oh hey you can’t make posts children of pages, so naturally I jumped into the repository, installed a few plugs and realised none of them were for me, I just wanted something extremely basic so I took twenty minutes and created one that I figured I’d share with you here.

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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So today after being fed up with my old original Samsung galaxy phone running android 1.5 I decided to go buy a new one and we’ll the first thing any Web developer does is download the WordPress app and test it out.

So far I must say it’s pretty easy to manage the site with this post actually is going much faster thanĀ  I would of thought typing is super quick and easy to do which was my biggest worry.

I’m going to see what php development apps there are in the Google play store so I can work on the go hopefully get going with some more posts on the site and get some things done outside the office.

If you guys know of any cool apps related to WordPress or Web development toss me a comment below or if you use any php development apps let me know I’ll test them out.

Convert Custom Post Types In WordPress

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A few months ago I created a product review website and at the time decided the best organizational method to use was custom post types, it just made sense however now that I’m updating that website I realised that probably wasn’t the best approach to take. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and it won’t be the last and I’m sure you all have had similar experiences in the past.

My problem was that I wanted to get rid of the custom post types and just organize things the old fashion way with categories so I needed an easy solution to convert custom post types back into regular posts. After browsing the plugin repository I found a very easy to use plugin called “Convert Post Types“.

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Amazing UI Design

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Over the last week I’ve been searching the web for something to motivate me to create a new design for Codehooks and I’ve found a ton of extremely talented designers out there but the one that stood out the most to me was by Vladimir Kudinov on Dribble. The design is called Wide Box and everything about it amazes me.

The problem I find with most designs is that there are certain elements that don’t follow the same flow as the rest, one or more elements always seem to stand out more than the next element but not with this design, there are a ton of different elements in it and they all follow the same style. It’s extremely simple, yet extremely elegant, a very hard thing to pull off in my opinion. Here is a screenshot of the design, it’s a UI design and he sell’s individual parts of the design on DesignModo, you can find the links below.

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This Place Is Like A Ghost Town

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I feel the same way I barely ever post anything on the site any-more but hopefully that will eventually change in the coming months, recently I haven’t had much time to sit down and dedicate any real time to it, I haven’t even had time to really do any updates to the Social Graph Protocol Plugin either, which is kinda sad because when I first registered the CodeHooks domain I wanted to generate a billion quality WordPress tutorials and teach you how many crazy things can be accomplished using WordPress and to basically create a high quality super helpful resource.

What I have done recently though is to start working on a new design for the site I’ve got half way through creating two designs so far and well I’ve scraped them both because that’s what I do best, I create something pretty damn good and then think to myself, nope it just doesn’t feel right I can do better. It’s kind of a curse as to why it takes me so long to completely finish a project its a hard thing to do when you view your work as never being good enough even when everyone around you say’s you’re doing an amazing job.

Here have a quick look at one of the screen shots I took of a design before I scraped it (Well I haven’t truly scraped it it’s just being re-imagined) and let me know what you think? You think I’m crazy for trying something else? Also please keep in mind that this is an in-complete design and the content in them means nothing everything is just a place-holder

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Using The Article Type With The Social Graph Protocol Plugin

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If your using my Social Graph Protocol plugin you’ll notice twelve different object types, one of them being called “Article”. The article type is the one your going to wind up using the most often because it is the most generic one out of them all, which is also why its the default option.

Basically the Article type is used for articles (Obviously), when your just writing a blog post or making a general post on your site you’ll want to use the Article type, the easiest way to know when to use this type or not is to ask yourself the question is this post specific to another type, if it is not than use the Article Type.

For example if your writing a blog post about one specific “Book” that you’ve read or are doing a review about one specific book than it would be best to use the “Book” type instead of the article type but if your writing a blog post about books in general or if your writing about several different books than it’s best to use the Article type.

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Default Attributes When Using the Social Graph Protocol Plugin

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With the release of version 2.0.0 of my Social Graph Protocol plugin there are a wide variety of new attributes that you can set for each post or page, some are specific to the type of post your creating and some are default attributes for every single type that you can choose from. In this post I want to go over all of the default attributes that you can set these are attributes that can be used with all the different object types the plugin supports.

There are currently 11 different default attributes that you can set regardless of the type of object your using. Below is a description of each, how to use them and what there used for. One thing to note is that none of them are required but it is highly suggested that you set at least one image attribute for each post or page that you create.

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Social Graph Protocol Version 2.0.0 Documentation

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Well it’s finally here version 2.0.0 of my Social Graph Protocol plugin, a lot has changed since I first created the plugin. Actually so much has changed with the open graph that I had to basically re-write the entire plugin so if your using a version prior to 2.0.0 I highly suggest that you upgrade to this newest version otherwise your going to have a lot of errors come up in the Facebook debugging tool and thing’s are not going to work correctly when a user clicks the like button on your website but if your using this newest version everything will be displayed perfectly.

For those of you who are new to the Social Graph Protocol plugin let me give you a quick run down of what it does. Basically it inserts meta tags into your websites posts and pages and when a user clicks the like or share button on your site it customizes the way your post or page shows up in that users news feed and timeline, for instance here are a couple pictures below displaying the behaviour of the plugin.

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